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  1. The Club shall be called: 1514 Club.

  2. The object of the Club shall be to protect and support the interests of Hawick Common-Riding and its ancient rights.

  3. The Club shall be managed by the Committee and shall consist of a President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer and 10 Committee Members.

  4. The President shall hold office for one year and shall also serve as a Member of the Committee for one year after his term of office is completed, they will then be eligible for re-election to the committee.

  5. The Committee Members shall serve for as long as they wish and are deemed to be working in the best interests of the Club by the members. If they wish to retire they should notify the Secretary prior to the next AGM.

  6. The President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer along with retiring Committee Members shall be elected by the Members annually.
    a). The Vice-President will automatically succeed the retiring President as the new President at the Annual General Meeting each year

  7. The Secretary and Treasurer shall present their reports and a statement of accounts at the Annual General Meeting.

  8. The Annual General Meeting shall be held on the first Wednesday in November each year.

  9. The Committee shall have the power to co-opt any vacancies occurring on the Committee.

  10. Membership of the Club shall be limited to 150 Full Members excluding:
    a) Members residing out with a 50-mile radius of Hawick.
    b) Senior members having attained the age of 65 before their next membership is due.
    c) Honorary Members of the Club.
    d) Life Members of the Club.

  11. Club Membership fee shall be agreed at the Annual General Meeting and should be paid by 31 st December.
    a) Any member having failed to pay his membership by this date shall cease to be a member of the Club.
    b) Any member failing to attend at least one Club function, (Dinner, Burns Supper or AGM) in a two year  period  without  reasonable cause shall be deemed to have forfeited their right to membership.
    c) Full members moving into the Seniors category do so at 65, if they have been a Full member for less than 10 years, then they must continue to pay their membership fees until 10 years have been paid.

  12. The Club Secretary shall keep the Names and Addresses of all Members and Minutes of all Meetings held by the Committee.

  13. Each proposed New Member shall be elected by the Committee, who shall have the power to reject any application put forward.

  14. Members shall inform the Secretary of any change of contact details.

  15. The Club Bank Account shall be held by the Treasurer and accounts shall be paid by the most appropriate method.

  16. The Club shall hold an Annual Dinner prior to the Common-Riding week each year.

  17. The Club shall hold a Burns Supper prior to 25 th January each year.

  18. If the conduct of any member of the Club shall, in the opinion of the Committee, be calculated to injure the character or interest of the Club, the Committee shall have the power to seek such member’s resignation. Any such member failing to resign shall be expelled from the Club.

  19. The Committee, or any member shall have the right to propose changes to the constitution subject to ratification by members at the AGM provided such proposal is presented in writing to the Hon. Secretary at least three weeks prior to the AGM.

  20. In the event of the Club being wound up any funds held should be distributed amongst clubs in the town with similar objects and interests.

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