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About Our Club


Founded in 1962 by five Hawick men, the club was originally formed with the intention of creating a dinner the following year, that would be accessible to those who had been unable to obtain tickets for official events of previous years.

It began with Dod Robson, Ronnie Murphy, Ronnie Tait, Moosie Arries and Tam Underwood having a meeting in The Queen’s Head bar to talk the idea through, with subsequent weekly meetings leading to the inaugural 1514 Club dinner at Mosspaul Hotel on 31st May 1963, with around 30 men attending.

Since then, the club has grown to have over 200 members. As well as hosting annual dinners, the main aim of the club is to support the interests of Hawick Common Riding and its ancient rights.


With the interests of Hawick and the Common Riding at the heart of what we do, we enjoy an array of events and good will gestures throughout the year, including:


Committed to keeping Hawick’s rich Common Riding heritage alive and enjoyed by all, the 1514 Club look to nurture the talents of each new generation of townsfolk whilst bestowing an understanding of our local history and traditions. This includes:

  • Each year we bring our love of the towns abundant lyrical past and present to the forefront, by hosting the 1514 Concert in the townhall, where each of our six primary schools perform well known songs about the town and its traditions, a selection of the towns teenagers and young adults are given the opportunity to showcase their individual musical and poetic talents, and our local Saxhorn band, Pipe band, and Drums & Fyfes take to the town’s main stage to entertain at this sell out concert.

  • Our annual 1514 Club Art Competition also allows the towns youngsters to get involved in creating their very own Common Riding themed masterpieces, with prizes for winners from each school along with an overall winner receiving the Scott & Charters 1514 Cup.

  • The 1514 Club “Mair Relay” is a great way for any sporty youngsters to get involved with the fun of Common Riding Friday. With individual relay teams from each of the local primary schools running round the racecourse in competition with each other to win both the America’s Cup, and the more recent Jake Irvine Cup, in memory of our late town provost, each runner being presented with a commemorative medal.

  • Another annual event we take great pride in organising is the Junior Cup when we encourage the young riders who will carry our traditions into the future, to look after and care for their mounts. Each registrant must show their efforts in pony husbandry at home in the field or stable, their horsemanship, and their ability to turn their pony out well on the day, with the winner bagging the trophy for their merits.



  • We support Teviotdale Harriers by sponsoring their annual “Uphill Mile” run. With various prizes up for grabs, this is a tough run that starts at the Moat Gates and finishes at Crumhaughill Farm and is now a town tradition that began in 1990.


  • Entertaining the elder members of our community is always a pleasure to us at Common Riding time, when we take a select few of well-known local singers on a tour of the towns care homes to perform. The smile on the residents faces and their eagerness to link arms and sway for “Up Wi Auld Hawick” makes it all worthwhile.


  • As a club, we pride ourselves in having been able to donate thousands of pounds to deserving causes over the years, including gifts of food hampers created by local food merchants to the town’s hospital, care homes and sheltered housing each year at the Common Riding, and supporting local charitable and community deeds.


  • Every year “as June days draw nigh” our members and guests enjoy The Dinner: an evening of good food, heartfelt speeches, impassioned songs, fervent poetry, and an all-round camaraderie


  • Then in the darker nights of January we host our annual Burns Supper, celebrating the life and works of the Scottish bard Robert Burns. With a meal of traditional fayre to kickstart the evening, our members and guests can then sit back and enjoy an enviable array to anyone’s standard, of Burns related speeches, songs, and recitations.


With words by W D Johnston, and music by Ex Acting Father A L Ingles, the 1514 song is a proud part of our club history.

1514 Club Song (download a PDF version)

Now time aince mair recalls us to the battle and the fray,
From those who fought on Flodden Field we shall not turn away.
In honour of the heroes who revered Hawick's honest toon,

We'll follow oor Cornet, follow oor Cornet, follow oor Cornet roon.

No matter what the weather, be it wet or be it fine,
I'll drink to you, you'll drink to me, we'll drink to yours and mine.
And when we've toasted wisely, and we're neither up nor doon,

We'll follow oor Cornet, follow oor Cornet, follow oor Cornet roon.

We'll gaily ride oor marches like oor fathers did of yore,
And revel in the glory of the flag they proudly bore,
Wi' pride devoid of malice born in every Teri loon,

We'll follow oor Cornet, follow oor Cornet, follow oor Cornet roon.

We'll keep the old flag flying e'en when flaunting winds grow still,
No power on earth daur say us nay, no system ever will,
And wi' a love as ardent as the love of Heav'n aboon,

We'll follow oor Cornet, follow oor Cornet, follow oor Cornet roon.

Words by W.D. Johnston.
Music by Ex-Acting Father A.L. Ingles.

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